Up Coming release June 5th 2020

Hi, this is announcing the BEW release of, “New Creation”. Jeffery Curtis or Jeffery Morse depending on where you know him, is releasing his next piece of music meant for film on June 5th 2020.   New Creation is a Hybrid piece of music mixing Orchestral, EDM and Choir in a new and exciting score meant for film the the BEW label is proud to release.

Stream The Track Here


New Creation is a piece of music inspired by Until We Go down by Eric Kinney and Ruelle.  I was inspired by the rises and the use of white sound and set out to make something that utilized these things as well as my love for choir.  As the times stopped the release of “New Day Dawning” that was intended for release at this time the BEW label worked hard to put together something for this release date that is both inspiring and exciting.

  • Based in northern California Jeffery has been a performing artist from an early age playing in bars before he was ten vocally and then performing on stage for the first time in front of thousand at fourteen.  After learning guitar, drums, and brass, Jeffery began producing music for churches and performing in worship teams since 1995.   In 2004 Jeffery began working DAW’s (protools) and completed his first album (Everything I Was).  After earning a degree’s in Music Theory and Science Jeff went on to complete a bachelor’s in business.
  • Jeffery produces both in the studio and in the live environment.  Using different DAW’s for different circumstances Jeff’s music ranges from EDM Dubstep, to pop, and finally classical and film.  “I enjoy composing with notation with such programs as Avid Sibelius for orchestration, but Logic Pro X and Ableton Live are usually where I do most my mixing nowadays”.
  • “I am inspired first by Jesus, and His creation. Second by certain chord progressions. I remember hearing the theme to August Rush where the French horns beginning to rise, I was moved to tears. “
  • Jeffery has multiple degrees. Science, Business, Music Theory, and Theology  Jeffery worked for 105.9fm as On-Air Talent, DJ, and Computer Specialist for 10 years.  Jeffery has owned and ran By Every Word Productions and owned and operated Road to Bethel a streaming radio station for many years as well.  Today, Jeff just wants to make quality music for people, for the church, for God, and to film.
  • Jeffery works also in the public-school system where he tries to support music and convey his love for all things musical by inspiring the next generation.